First 8″ CMFL Tool to Negotiate Five Back to Back 1.5D Bends

The new Novitech Micron Circumferential MFL tools (starting at 8″) will be able to negotiate multiple 1.5D bends with no separation between them.

Differential pressures in single bends will remain near neutral to that of straight pipe. In multiple bends the differential pressure will drop to approximately 50% of the pressure in straight pipe.

Novitech Micron ILI Axial Pinhole Detection

Novitech’s industry leading Micron ILI technology can detect pinhole corrosion as small as 0.039” (1 mm) in diameter.

Our Axial MFL tools have 40 primary sensors per diameter inch (2.0 mm spacing). Our electronics can sample 640 times per square inch at velocities up to 8.8 mph (4 M/S). 

Novitech Completes 165 mile Run

Novitech successfully completes a 165 mile long 6″ products line, using our new Micron CMFL and Geometry tool. Collecting 91 GB of data in this 40 hour long run. 

Thanks to everyone at Sinclair Transportation Company, and Campos EPC, for making this another successful ILI project.

Novitech Completes its Very First ILI Run

After 20 months of research and development, Novitech successfully completes its first run for Xcel Energy using their 6” Micron ILI AMFL + Geometry and IMU tool.

Thanks to everyone at Xcel Energy and Campos EPC, for making this a successful project.